Finding the Cause is Finding the Cure…

Do You Make the same Mistakes Dermatology Professionals make every day?


Dear Friend,

¨I´m So Angry!¨ – Maria

Imagine spending 6 months and $7,672.12 trying Laser Treatments and Hydroquine creams only to have my Melasma return to ruin your complexion. How would that make you feel?

Because for our friend Maria that´s exactly what happened. She actually did all 5 seasons of her Fraxel laser treatment only to find her melasama return worse than ever. Then after trying every chemical peel she could find, her brown patches kept on returning, a little darker and a little more spread out…

She spent TONS of money, but forgot 1 thing… Melasma is cured from within.


¨How We Generated Clear Complexion in less than 4 months¨


Maria came to us desperate…

We discovered the root cause of her Melasma, from there we shared with her a simple principle and treatments that improved her complexion 100% in 3 months and 28 days.  Since every one is different, you may discover the process takes longer however, you may find the procedures will repair your complexion in 28 days or less.

When she originally started her Laser treatment she failed to notice stress was making her Melasma worse. So when the Laser treatment failed to eliminate her condition, her stress levels increased making her melasma return and also the size of the Dark Patches on her face had increased.

She neglected to address the cause of Melasma, like so many doctors and dermatologists fail to do around the world, year in year out.

Fraxal Lasers are expensive around $1300+ per session and you need at least 5 sessions. In Maria´s case the laser treatment cleared the Brown Patches only to have them return again less than 3 months later. This was not Maria´s fault, the treatment simply wasn´t compatible with her complexion. Please keep in mind there are many cases where the laser has scared a patient´s complexion for life.

Hydroquine creams are expensive and highly acidic. Unfortunately there are many cases where patients have found the dark patches go away only to return with greater ferocity.

Following our advice Maria made very simple dietary changes, and applied some of our treatments, reducing her Melasma in matter of weeks. As her complexion improved, her worry over her looks diminished which in-turn reduced her stress levels. When ever you get angry most likely you have noticed your Melasma darken… Stress re-deduction is one of the key steps to a healthier complexion.

How many of us have tried skin care products only to have disappointment and frustration as a reward when the products didn´t perform the way that we had expected…

(If you already have scaring from laser or acid cream treatment there is hope)

…by following some of the treatments we outlined for Maria you´ll begin to see how using these techniques and treatments will commence clearing your Melasma literally overnight…


¨Introducing the E Book Complexion!¨


Today you get a chance to, add your name to the lucky few whom control their Melasma, Chloasma and Hyperpigmentation.

Do you know what makes it possible to control your Melasma???…

Treatments that are gentle on your skin, Stress reduction techniques that work and Dietary adjustment…

Have you ever ordered one of those $100 skin lightening creams … If so, then go back, grab it from the medicine cabinet, dust it off, and ask yourself 1 question… ¨Was This Worth $100?¨ – lo

Chances are you will answer with a no… why?… Because the hype has died down. You no longer have that slick advertisement convincing you that…

…this one magic potion is THE product that will change your Complexion, so you better scroll down and ¨order now¨ before you miss out forever…

Acid Creams and Laser beams are a short term solution…

And that´s why we´ve created this easy to follow, step-by-step system that will guide you through learning how to rid yourself of Melasma and regain your complexion.

Are you really going to regain you complexion? … Yes … overnight?… no. We offer a step by step approach to finding what is causing your Melasma, we then provide you with Melasma treatments that are gentle on your skin so as not to make your condition worse.

Does the E Book Complexion Really Get Results?

E Book - Complexion

¨Here´s Just a Small Taste Of What You´ll Learn Inside…¨

-  The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know if you already have scaring from laser treatment. there is hope..

-  Most Of The Remedies Can Be Tried At Home For A Very Small Cost

-  Everything We Suggest is Gentle On Your Skin and Promotes Healthier Lifestyle

-  Only Book Written By An Actual Suffer

-  Easy To Understand And Follow Procedures – That Will Guide You To Revealing The Secret Cause To Your Condition

-  All Of The Working Melasma Treatments In The One Place – ( So You Will Not Have To Search Anymore)

-  Understand How You Got Your Condition In The First Place – There Fore You Will Be Curing At The Root. Most People Don’t Understand That Melasma Will Keep Returning If It’s Not Fixed At The Cause.

-  Repair Complexion Without Lasers – (Fraxel Lasers Are Expensive – around $1500 a Session and You Need at Least 5 Sessions)

-  Harsh Hydroquine Creams Are Expensive, and Like The Laser May Wreck Your Complexion, maybe for ever.

-  Information that most Doctors don’t know – (save hundreds of dollars on dermatologists that may promise to fix the issue, but unfortunately fail to do so)

-  Discover The Most Amazing Collection Of Remedies From Around The Planet

-  And Much Much More…

¨You´ll diminish your Melasma, Chloasma and Hyperpigmenation by 50% in 30 days Or Else Itś FREE!¨

We believe that this E Book is going to get you well on your way to controlling your Melasma and eliminating the Brown Patches for good.

This isn´t really going to cost you anything, we believe in this product so much we know you can get rid of your Hydroquine creams for good, and stop going to the Fraxel Laser doctor for treatment. What you’ll save on Chemical Peels more than covers the cost of Complexion.

So you can either:

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